Studentrådene ved NLA Høgskolen

The Student Councils (SR) are the students` local organ at campus level. There exists one SR on each of the four campuses at NLA University College; Sandviken (Bergen), Breistein (Bergen), Staffeldtsgate (Oslo) and Gimlekollen (Kristiansand). The Student Councils are tied to the student parliament. However in reality they are self-governed. 

The student councils` mandate:

The student council works primarily with advocating for cases related to the individual campuses, and promote these to the NLA management and the student parliament. The Student Council are the natural contact point for the different classes, and are therefore responsible to work with cases and challenges brought forward by students. Additionally, the student councils also are responsible for electing students to various councils and organs at each place of study, and be a consultation body for the Student Parliament and NLA. 


The structure of the Student Council:

Each student council consists of one class representative and one deputy from each class at the individual campus. These are elected internally in each class at the start of the autumn semester, and sits in their position one school year. The one who is elected in class, are both responsible to be a representative in their study, ans well as sit in as a representative in the student council. 

The Student Council are lead by president and vice-president, which is elected during the constituency meeting. The board constellation is mainly dependent on each student council. the president and vice-president receives monetary compensation in agreement with the student parliament. The board prepares cases, has regular contact with the administration, the academic management, the student parliament and other student organizations. 

SR also choose representatives to various councils and organs at NLA og external positions at each place of study:

The Learning environment committee: 4 representatives + 4 deputies from each student council.

Skikkethetsnemnda: 2 representatives + 2 deputies (1 representative +1 deputy nominated by SR Breistein and SR Oslo)

Velferdstinget i Vest: 2 representantatives (one from each campus in Bergen). 

Velferdstinget i Agder: 1 representative.

Velferdstinget i Oslo og Akershus: up to 1 representative with other smaller institutions as election assembly.

It is also elected representatives to the varous departments councils /avdelingsråd) belonging to each study field.

Department Council: 2 representatives + 2 deputies to each council, an advantage if its one from BA and one from MA:

  • Department Council elementary school teacher (GLU)
  • Department Council kinder garden teacher(BLU)
  • Department Council Theology, religion and philosphy (TRF)
  • Department Council Journalism, media and communication (JMK)
  • Department Council Pedagogics (PED)
  • Department Council Intercultural Studies (IKS)
  • Department Council Hauge School of Management (HSM)
  • Department Council Music (MU)