Studentrådet Breistein

The Student Council consists of all class representatives which belongs to the Breistein campus. The student council is lead by an internally elected president and vice-president. 

The Student Council represents students in cases related to learning environment which affects Breistein, and are responsible for the social environment and student welfare at Breistein. 

Do you want to sit in the council or have a case which you want us to discuss, contact oss at 

Contact us:




Olav Bjordals vei 41, 5111 Bergen

Social media:

Facebook: NLA studentsamfunn Breistein

Instagram: Studentradbreistein 


Cecilie Ailinn Ekren

President and representative in VT Vest

Clemence Regine Rugamba


Line Lauvik Fjeldstad

Chairwoman in Læringsmiljøutvalget