Apply for monetary support for student activities!

Each semester, the Student Parliament distributes money for activities organized by students, for students. 

The activity fund is a measure to stimulate academic and social student activity at NLA University College. The activity fund should contribute to a variety of available activities for the students.

If you have any questions, contact us at

Here you will find the regulations for the activity fund. Please read it carefully before you apply for funding. 

Who can apply: 

Students, student organizations and student councils connected to NLA University College can apply for activity funds from the Student Parliament. 

What can receive support: 

  • Events with a beginning and end date, projects which have a timeframe/which is adequately planned. 
  • Projects that targets and involves students. 
  • Projects in which there is served alkohol may receive support, however direct funding or cross financing of alkohol is not permitted. 
  • Organising conferances, events or other initiatives at NLA targeting students. 
  • Funds must be used in the same municipality as the applicant unless otherwise agreed upon.

In order for the application to be approved, it must contain the following:

  • Description of the project`s purpose and target group
  • Project timeline and deadlines

  • Place of the event 
  • In  the application, it must be made clear who the contact person is, with their full name, e-mail address and telephone number


How to apply: 

You apply for the activity funds by sending an application to When the application has been processed, the listed contact person will be notified of the outcome.

Applications must be submitted no later than two weeks before the nearest Student Parliament meeting, and in good time before the event takes place.